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Non-Verbal Behaviour & Communication is a captivating area and one that has not been used to its full potential in business. I teach Managers & Executives to become more skilled in reading non-verbal cues and using thier own non-verbal mesaage to their advantage




Avoiding non-verbal cues is almost impossible, every interaction communicates thousands of non-verbal messages in the form of movements, assertive body language, expressions, and gestures. Many of these cues aren’t even perceived or processed consciously, but they don’t need to be consciously understood in order to have an impact. Whether people realise it or not, non-verbal cues can exert a huge influence over whether our communication is successful. We focus so much on what we’re going to say that we forget to think about how we’re presenting ourselves. Our non-verbal communication patterns from the way we stand to the way we move our hands to, yes, the way we dress have a powerful impact on how we are perceived as communicators and most importantly leaders.

It sounds hard to believe, but just 7% of how we communicate with each other is through words. Humans communicate primarily through body language. It’s been that way throughout our evolutionary history, and it remains so today. Recent studies have concluded that body language makes up about 55% of our interaction, voice tone and pitch around 38% so that means that 93% of our communication is deemed “nonverbal.”

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