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I coach and consult non-verbal behaviour and communication for the business sector, this includes Deception & Human Lie Detection, Non-Verbal Behaviour & Communication for Managers, Executives, and Sales. I work with clients either in groups or teams as well as individual coaching.

Non-Verbal Behaviour is a captivating area and one that has not been used to its full potential by businesses. I work with business people and companies to become more skilled in reading non-verbal cues and using your own non-verbal behavior to your advantage.

It sounds hard to believe, but just 7% of how we communicate with each other is through words. Humans communicate primarily through body language. It’s been that way throughout our evolutionary history, and it remains so today. Recent studies have concluded that body language makes up about 55% of our interaction, voice tone and pitch around 38% so that means that 93% of our communication is deemed “nonverbal.”

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