Deception & Human Lie Detection

Deception is present in most if not all human institutions, it is arguably the institution of business that provides the perfect environment for deception to thrive. Business, of course, is a competitive environment and this can lead people to become dishonest, whether it is cases of fraud, theft, conflict between employees or problem with managers, stretching the truth to gain a higher position in the company, or lying about achievements, qualifications, previous salaries and benefits to deceive a new employer. Studies have shown that about 91% of people lie regularly at work. It is thought (unbelievably so) that deception costs businesses just over £630 billion per annum globally.

I coach HR Professionals, Managers and Executives the science used by government agencies and lie detection experts how to spot deception and deceptive behaviours in the workplace, equipped with this knowledge you are not making decisions just on the words people are saying or how convincing they are, but the non-verbal cues they are giving. (Body Language, Facial Expressions, Paralinguistics). This is why I focus on helping business people become more skilled in evaluating the truth accurately, as well as making them more generally aware of the tell-tale signs that can point towards deception.