Managers & Executives

Mastering non-verbal communication is the missing ingredient for lots of executives and managers. Non-verbal communication can help you be more effective in your business dealings, we rarely think about our non-verbal behaviour and communication when dealing with clients.

We all know what we are going to say but don’t think what our non-verbal is saying. I coach senior business people to use your own non-verbal to your advantage and how to read your clients and teams non-verbal cues and emotions.

Being aware of what clients and your teams are really saying and feeling, and knowing how to react effectively, can transform a good manager into a great one. The best leaders are experts at reading non-verbal communication. Here’s why this is a crucial sales skill: When you are interacting with clients or colleagues you are both communicating on two levels – one verbal, one nonverbal.

During any kind of meeting, the most informative non-verbal signals to monitor are engagement and disengagement behaviours. The former indicate interest, receptivity, or agreement with what you are saying. The latter show resistance, defensiveness, disagreement, and even hostility. All of these signals are revealed in a combination of eye activities, facial expressions, head movements, hand and arm gestures, torso positions, and leg and feet movement.